Sunday, September 28, 2008

Syntel chennai campus.............

SEZ TIMES Bureau, 8/14/2008

Global technology services and BPO firm Syntel Ltd which is a part of Syntel Inc, provider of custom outsourcing solutions is on stream to setup its two most ambitious SEZ projects situated in Chennai and Pune, with a capex plan of nearly Rs 1000 crore.

According to Syntel's first quarter report, it has already commenced construction of its 29 acre SEZ facility at Siruseri, Chennai, while the Pune project has also gone on full stream.

Speaking to SEZ TIMES, Keshav R. Murugesh, President and COO, Syntel Inc., said, "SEZ focus in the country is a step in the right direction. Syntel is building these two SEZ's in India at a cost of approx US $200 million which is a testament of our commitment to India."

In phase-1, it would construct 650,000 sq ft of space consisting of 3 software development blocks each having a capacity of 1,700 seats, a food court with 1,000 seating capacity, a training block of 1,200 seating capacity, a welcome block, a recreation block and a utility block.

According to Syntel, Most of phase-1 was scheduled for completion by October this year. After the commissioning of this phase this Syntel facility will generate employment for a vast educated population from this region.

Further the company has said that the construction of its second 40-acre SEZ facility at Talawade, Pune was also in progress. In Phase 1, the company would construct 2 software development blocks each having a capacity of 1300 seats. This is scheduled for opening in June next.

With this, Syntel would add 6,000 new seats in India. Investments in these two campuses alone would be around Rs 240 crore in 2008.

Meanwhile for the said quarter in January-March, Syntel has posted a 31 per cent rise in revenue at Rs 394 crore over the same period in 2007.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Syntel photo gallery

Syntel pune campus.........

Syntel adayar campus.........

more photo updation is in process........
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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Syntel Interview..................

Here is my interview for Syntel confidence is the key ………………..

It was panel of two guys………

1st: took my file and go through it

2nd: which lung. U know?

Me: C, C++

2nd: don’t know java?

Me: I know java but didn’t have complete idea as I have good knowledge about other 2

1st: diff btw java and c

Me: bla bla…… some 7-8 diff………

2nd: diff btw c, c++

Me: blab la……..some 6-7 diff………

1st:which one is better? C or c++?

Me: both r better in there perspective as C is faster than C++ , if u have small lines of code I l go for C and if we have 1000 lines of code I l go for C++ as object oriented.

1st: what is object oriented and what r features of C++?

Me: explained 5 features with eg.

2nd: have u done any project?

Me: tel. directory as java in mini project.

1st: what is about?

Me: explained it’s features. (luckily he didn’t drilled much)

2nd:can u tell any new tech?

Me: have u heard about Microsoft Surface?

(it was key point of my interview I explained Microsoft surface for min. 15-20 min. with it’s design)

1st: f9 on which OS have u worked?

Me: 2003, XP and vista just handled nt used much

2nd: which one is better?

Me: 2003 is server edition so for office server based application it’s really nice, XP has feature to auto detect drivers and nice GUI, about vista handle it rearly but GUI is more like MAC and excellent security as bill gates invited hackers to crack vista and found loop holes also vista provide feature that many of prog. Decision and priority handle by OS itself instead administater.

(both were impressed with my extral knowledge and they changed to HR interview)

1st:asked about extra activities

Me: I participate in many tech-fest attend IIT fest, I am finalist from VJTI for robo-olimpic (national level) and I show 7-8 certies for robotics.

2nd: how many companies u tried before?

Me:2 (don’t increase that no. that’s rule) Accenture and Infosys.

2nd: where u lagged? Y u didn’t cleared it?

Me: infy was first and I was dumped just went and sat for apti without study so it taught me lot. Then it was Accenture I cleared apti and GD and rejected in HR I was quit untidy.

1st: y so? What happened?

Me: I don’t like to reasons I focused on my aims bt since u asked it was in pillays and at 8 was reporting time and rainy season and after GD it was almost 3 in between I attend seminar and I was on empty fuel I just drink water when I got called it was 6 and we informed it l b on next day. So I was bit untidy.

2nd:so u want to say there management was not good

Me: ya arrangement was too bad thay have invited 25 collages and it was too hectic.

1st: bt during working hours it l b same condition in company then what l u do?

Me: company take cares of employee about Syntel it is nice company and my senior said it really gives opportunity to freshers. So I think I l have no problem in Syntel. (maska lavala)

2nd: (with big smile) so what r ur expectation?

Me: nothing big just I want chance to prove myself and my ideas should nt get suppressed.

1st: u r always welcome with ideas so u r ready to work anywhere if u got job in pune or out of india then?

Me: work out of india is my dream so it’s on high priority and I like to work in new condition to adopt them and may reg. routine about my family they l always give priority to my success and future .

2nd: where do u live?

2nd: can u tell any good place to have a walk in thane?

Me: ya thane was main head quarter in british emporer so today also u can see yard where they used to work also there is place called mith bander where they used to make salt many people used to go for walk there, also there is place called 12 bangala and RM ram maruti road where youth gather in valentine day or maha shivaratri.

1st: tell me 1 kilo bit = how much bit?

Me: 1000

1st: r u sure?

Me yes sure

2nd: r u really sure about ans?

Me: yes sir

1st :harshad y u confident about ans?

Me: yes sir I am sure.

2nd: k  harshad. U can wait outside.

What was whole interview so confidence and u should have good knowledge about what u r talking, in new tech I lied many things but they were so exicited to listen all I was talking that they accepted my fiction also………

Is Syntel Blacklisted??????


Many minds have this doubt……

Is Syntel blacklisted and they raise doubt because of one spam mail which is in circulation over internet from 1999 and though we move to 2008 still mail remains same exactly it is at 1999 J

Here is copy of that mail……….

List of Blacklisted companies... be careful with them... please

see the second company in the list!!

Pls go thru the full mail n Dont get into such a situation. Here
is a list of fraud companies which lure people in India to USA.Please
pass this on to all your friends and make them aware of it.

List of Companies you need to be careful.

1. Mastech Sys
2. Syntel
3. Computer People Inc.
4. Capricon
5. American MegaTrend Inc.
6. CBS
7. Intelligroup ( Edison - New Jersey)
8. Cybertech (Chicago - Ilinnois)
9. Systech (Gelndale - Calif.)
10. IntecNew Jersey. Now it is named as Compuflex.
11. Indotronixs or Indotronics?
12. Capricorn Systems Inc , Atlanta
13. BCC computers Ltd, Madras (Chennai) ***(Dangerously Blacklisted)******
14. Frontier Systems ***(Highly Black Listed)
15. C G VAK (Coimbatore)
16. Kumaran Software, Anna Nagar, Madras ******(Highly and
Dangerously Blacklisted)*******
17. BCS Project Consultants; Bangalore (These people call
themselves BCS Computer Consultancies and Services. Highly
blacklisted.)These people lay false claims of having done projects for
18. Pragathi Computers; Bangalore. (HighlyBlacklisted)Infact a
Belgium based organization is planning to take legal action on this
organisation for claiming to do work for NATO.


But really is Syntel blacklisted?

Ans is NO

This is one of the reputed company in US and india. It has 13 global development centre. Company is famous with it’s outsourcing performance and it provide best IT solution.

Here r some facts about Syntel……..

Now u decide is it blacklisted?

Fast Facts


Syntel helps its Global 2000 customers remain at the forefront of their industries with innovative uses of technology to operate their businesses more efficiently. We deliver flexible, custom Information Technology and Business Process outsourcing solutions through vertical practices and a Global Delivery Service that improve quality and reduce costs

Number of employees



$337.7 million (FY 2007)
$103.4 million (2Q 2008)

Notable customers

AIG, Chrysler, Dana Corp., FedEx, HCA, Humana, Investors Bank & Trust, Portfolio Europe, Portfolio Recovery Associates, Rite Aid, Sircon, Target Corp., WellPoint 

Notable partners

Ab Initio, Actuate, BEA, BlackBerry/RIM, IBM, Mercury, Oracle, Sun, TIBCO


IntelliSourcingSM Applications Outsourcing - Custom Application Development, Maintenance, Platform Migrations/Enhancements, Testing, Demand Management   e-Business - Business Exchanges/Marketplaces, Data Warehousing, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Enterprise Application Integration (EAI), ERP (PeopleSoft, SAP, Siebel), Web Architecture/Integration  Knowledge Process Outsourcing (KPO)

Quality certifications

ISO 27001, SEI CMMI Level 5, ISO 9001:2000, Project Management Institute (PMI)




  • ISO 27001:2005
  • India Development Centers operating at SEI CMMI Level 5
  • ISO 9001:2000 Certification for India Development Centers
  • neoQA Certified to Level 4
  • Project Management Institute (PMI) Registered Education Provider
  • Microsoft Certified Solution Provider


  • Fortune 50 General Merchandise Retailer: #1 Offshore Vendor Partner
  • DaimlerChrysler: Highest "Preferred" Award
  • Harvard Business School "Entrepreneur of the Year"
  • Students in Free Enterprise (SIFE) " Champion of SIFE"  


  • American Bankers Association (ABA), Registered Service Provider
  • Center for Application of Information Technology, Member
  • Detroit Chamber of Commerce, Member
  • Durham Chamber of Commerce, Member
  • Greater Raleigh Chamber of Commerce, Member
  • IBM PartnerWorld for Developers, Member
  • IBM PartnerWorld for Software, Member
  • Information Technology Association of America (ITAA), Member
  • LOMA, International Affiliate Member
  • Michigan Better Business Bureau, Member
  • Michigan Minority Business Development Council (MMBDC), Member
  • National Association of Software and Service Companies (NASSCOM), Member
  • National Minority Supplier Development Council (NMSDC), Corporate Plus Member
  • Project Management Institute (PMI), Member and Registered Education Provider
  • Society for Information Management (SIM), Partner
  • Sourcing Interests Group (SIG), Member
  • The National Investment Company Service Association (NICSA), Member



Development Centers


Development Center Snapshot

13 centers worldwide
(10 centers in India, 3 in US)

12,000+ capacity in India

4,000 seats added in 2007

100+ acres with ultimate
seat capacity of 30,000




World Class Infrastructure 

Syntel operates 27 offices worldwide, strategically placed across the US, Europe and Asia, which enables Syntel to provide best practice IT solutions; staff mobility; responsive turnaround; and cost-effective delivery and technical expertise.

Below are photos of our Development Centers in Mumbai, Chennai, and Pune.

Mumbai - SEEPZ
Opened: 1992
Capacity: 1,600

Mumbai- Hiranandani Buisness Park 
Opened: 2004
Capacity: 600

Mumbai - Hiranandani Estate, Thane - Lexington
Opened: 2006
Capacity: 1,150

Mumbai - Hiranandani Gardens, Powai Winchester 

Opened: 2006
Capacity: 670

Mumbai  - Hiranandani Gardens, Powai - Delphi 
Opened: 2006
Capacity: 300

Chennai - Saidapet
Opened: 1996
Capacity: 570

Chennai - Adyar
Opened: 2005
Capacity: 500

Chennai - Prince IT Park
Opened: 2006
Capacity: 470

Chennai - DLF
Opened: 2007
Capacity: 750

Chennai Campus - SIPCOT, Siruseri
Under Construction on 27 acres
Capacity: 5,000 (planned for 3Q 2008)

Pune - Pride Silicon Plaza
Opened: 2002
Capacity: 300 

Pune - Talawade Technology Park
Opened: 2004
Capacity: 600

Pune - Talawade Campus
Opened: 2006
Capacity: 3,500 (additional 6,000 planned for longer term) 

Pune - Talawade Software Park (SEZ)
Under Construction 
Capacity: 2,600 (planned for 2Q 2008)